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Curved/Open Units

260mm Wide Highline Filler Base for 300w Curved Units

Price: £120.60

Base Open Tray Space Unit

Open Tray Space Unit 560mm deep.

Price: £54.77

Base Wine Rack in Carcase Material

Base wine rack in carcase material. 300mm deep. 560mm deep fly sides available on request. 150mm wine rack holds 5 Bottles, 300mm holds 10 bottles.

Price: £71.89

Curved Base Unit - Shallow Depth

Price: £421.43
Size & Orientation:

Curved Base Unit Full Depth

Price: £509.60
Size & Orientation:

Curved full depth base unit in carcase material

Price: £118.17

Open End Angled Base Shelf Unit 300mm wide

870mm high, 560mm deep, 300 wide, made from carcase material.

Price: £109.53

Open Shelf Base Single Full Depth Shelf

Price: £66.75